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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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Training information

Training Overview

The BOIT training concept is based on four modular work shops.  Individual modules can be easily adapted according to participants’ needs, as well as their previous knowledge and experience.

Workshop 1

Definitions, risks and impacts

Learning goals in Workshop

  • Understanding of the Burnout process
  • Establishing a common definition for Burnout
  • Recognising general signs and signals of Burnout, and understanding the difference between stress and depression
  • Basic understanding of the impact of Burnout with regard to
    • General behaviour at work
    • Changes in team behaviour
    • Costs and other impacts on the organisation
  • Understanding the role of private life and its impact on the risk of Burnout
  • Insight into the target group and into the professions with higher Burnout risk

Workshop 2

Signs, Signals and phases

Learning goals in Workshop 2

  • Typical signs of Burnout
  • Understanding one’s responsibilities when signs of Burnout occur

Workshop 3

Intervention and prevention strategies

Learning goals in Workshop 3

  • Knowledge of various prevention and intervention strategies
  • Recognition of possible areas of change on the organisational level
  • Transfer of knowledge according to one’s own situation
  • Clarification of possibilities of each participant (including a planning tool for change process)

Workshop 4

Organisational related development and suggestions for change

  • Manifestation of knowledge
  • Reflection on changes occurring in the organisations so far


The training concept is a mixture of face-to-face teaching and information provided on a learning management system.

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