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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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The BOIT Training Concept

Maintaining a healthy, motivated workforce is crucial for managers and team-leaders to guarantee sustainable productivity and competitive advantage.  Dealing with Burnout is a major issue for managers across the European Community, but what does it really mean to be ‘Burnt-out’?

What is Burnout?

Burnout is a real illness, distinct from “stress”, affecting more and more people in increasingly high-pressure working environments.  Increasing psychological demands result in higher absenteeism and higher staff-turnover, leading to higher costs and inefficiencies, affecting outputs, outcomes and overall performance of individual, teams, and across the organisation.

Research indicates that Burnout is under-reported by employees, who, in a climate of economic uncertainty, work longer hours, taking on more responsibilities, endangering their health, thus compromising their ability to contribute effectively to organisational objectives.

The concept of the BOIT project, however, treats Burnout as a process that can be identified, prevented and intercepted by managers and team leaders.

Targeted Training

Although there are already many training courses on offer which deal with topics such as “work-life-balance” and “stress-free life”, until now, there was nothing designed specifically for the superiors of people at risk of Burnout at work.

The BOIT concept specifically targets managers, team leaders and other members of middle-management from different sectors, making individuals more sensitive to, and more aware of Burnout, encouraging them to take on more responsibility for the well-being of their employees when it comes to work-related illnesses such as Burnout.

With managers and team-leaders in mind, the BOIT training offers a flexible, modular, blended-learning approach.  A combination of face-to-face workshops and a computer-based learning-platform offers a structure than can adapted to participants’ schedules and requirements, with material than can be studied when and where participants have time.

The Impact of BOIT

With the help of the Burnout Intervention Training for Managers and Team Leaders this target group is encouraged to develop a greater awareness of working conditions that could lead to Burnout among their staff.  The BOIT approach is to make as well as to encourage them to apply strategies to prevent or intercept the Burnout before it gets too serious.

We believe that widespread implementation of the BOIT concept across different sectors of the economy, will mitigate the damaging personal effects of Burnout, and help minimise the financial costs associated with Burnout.